Binotrack VT


Binotrack is an easy to use, web based application developed to monitor assets such as Fleet of vehicles, on the field sales teams and machineries.

Why Binotrack?

  • Customised to your requirements
  • High reliability and guaranteed uptime
  • High level of friendly support and service
  • Low monthly cost
  • Simple and user friendly design
  • Tailored reports for your requirements
  • Free training
  • Enjoy free upgrades
  • Buy direct through ITMSA (Not through re-sellers)


  • Access to current and history travel records by press of a button.
  • Reduction of operational cost by lowering fuel expenses, maintenance, and communication cost through proper management of your vehicles/assets.
  • Driver safety monitoring and driver performance evaluation reports
  • Easy to impose legislative requirements for drivers (Eg. mandatory rests).
  • Service sector – Better customer satisfaction through accurate delivery times.
  • Geofencing – Add/edit your own sites on the map and reporting.
  • Engine performance – Engine over heat alerts, battery power, Oil level alerts.
  • Provide ability to locate and monitor your assets around the clock.
  • Ability to track any asset. i.e. vehicles, bikes, people and pets etc.
  • Access to Binotrack through any device connected to internet.
  • Effective utilisation of machinery and vehicles in a fleet.
  • Running Charts by Vehicle/Driver.
  • Reporting on Travel detail/summary, speed, running/idling hours etc.

Standard Reports 

Realtime tracking

Speed alerts ,Geofencing (User defined Zones), Daily/Weekly/Monthly Travel Report, Parking Report, History Playback, Route finding, Service records and alerts, and Route playback.

Custome Reports

  • Courier Services
  • Transportations
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Car rental services
  • Field machineries
  • Door to door marketeers
  • Building and Construction
  • Public/Private Transport
  • Taxi services
  • Health/Aged care
  • Boats, Yachts etc.